Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hey Kids, Here's a Cool Way to Be Keep From Getting Skin Cancer

I absolutely loved Saturday morning tv shows, especially live action ones. The one problem was that my parents were the type who actually wanted us to enjoy the outdoors, play with our friends, get some exercise, and use our imaginations. The rules were my brother and I could each pick one Saturday morning show to watch, and that was it. Yup, my parents believed that we should use our brains rather than sit in a stupor and absorb pop culture.
Check out this CBS Saturday morning schedule! How great is this?! Bugs Bunny was usually the show I picked to watch - good cartooning, great voices, and although I didn't know it at the time, a great introduction to classical music.

I somehow managed to watch various episodes of most of the other shows too. Not sure if my parents were out or if they were doing yardwork, but I know I saw Shazam, Fat Albert, and Clue Club multiple times. Clue Club was basically Scooby Doo - scared dogs, good looking guy, good looking girl, dorky guy, and smart girl. Of course Scooby Doo was much better. I can't even remember the mysteries the Clue Club solved.