Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm Even Wearing Tartan Underwear

The Bay City Rollers were pretty cool. Well, not really, but I liked them. I never did understand all the girls wearing tartan though. Some of them had entire outfits made of tartan. I know it was what the Rollers wore. But it seemed like wearing high water bellbottom pants with tartan trim all over it was a good way to get beaten up and humiliated at school.

I never read this paperback. It was just too poorly written and incredibly trite. Yet I still have the book and don't plan on getting rid of it. I guess I still have a soft spot in my heart for Les, Woody, Alan, Eric, and Derek....even though they did wear all that tartan.


Monkey said...

Are you mad?? Tartan rules! Yeesh.

Mr. Paul Freeman, CEO said...

I never knew wearing plaid underwear was the way to the Rollers' hearts. If only I had known...

If only I had known.

Kim said...

Don't read that, but do check out this scary-cool memoir of Rollermania, easily found as a remainder, "Bye Bye Baby : My Tragic Love Affair with The Bay City Rollers" by Caroline Sullivan. Caroline and her pals stalked the Rollers across America for years, as they all got sadder and sadder and sadder... It's like "I'm With the Band," with spotty grocery clerks in place of Moon and Page.

Ɯbermilf said...

"Sa sa sa Saturday Niiii IGHT! Sa sa sa Saturday Niiii IGHT!"

I missed many posts. I apologize. Too busy for fun.

Anonymous said...

So who was YOUR Roller?

Mine was Woody.

And a good thing too. I believe the BCRs' manager, and I believe one of the Rollers themselves, got busted for taking indecent liberties with an underage youth. (Er... male.) Can't remember which of our darling boys it was, but I know it wasn't Woody (and it wasn't Les).

Jimmy said...

I believe their drummer was busted for possessing child porn.

Woody was my favorite, but only because he played bass.

I saw Ian's website the other day. He's aged quite well.

Ah the tartan reign of terror. Those were the days.

Chris Jart said...

My favorite roller was Les. I wonder what it's like to be a teen idol and then be big only in Japan? It must be freaky and really mess with your head. I think I need to track down a copy of that BCR book by Caroline Sullivan. At least it's not teen magazine fluff masquerading as a book.

The tartan reign of terror.... what a great phrase. I really want to try to work that into a conversation somehow.

Yes, and last I remember Derek was accused of possessing child porn, but he had denied it. No idea how that turned out. The police had confiscated his computer, and he was proclaiming his innocence. At least he's not Gary Glitter!

captain_howdy_girl said...

when I was a kid we had a rollerskating rink where we all hung out on saturdays. it was called the baycity rollerrink, I shit you not