Thursday, March 23, 2006

Teen Idol Incorporated

One thing about being a teen idol, someone - and it ain't you - is making a ton of money in merchandising. Here are ads for Jack Wild's first single and album.

I really wish I had Jack's Private Photo Album. The cover claims the photos were personally selected just for me! The implication is that Jack personally selected them, but would he really sit around picking out just the right 100 photos to use in a teen mag photo album? Surely he had better things to do. But it's not good marketing to say they were personally selected by a member of the Tiger Beat staff.

Still, I would love to have seen it. I have Leif Garrett's private photo album, and it's, um .....fascinating, in a teen idol sort of way.


Skinny Robbie said...

I think someone should dig up a copy of this collection, digitally remaster it, and call it...

"You Don't Know Jack!"

Actually, I have some old teen mags with some cool articles of JW. Once I get settled in to my new place, I'll get that stuff scanned and do something with it.

Chris Jart said...

Ha! Love the title! I'd love to see scans of the JW articles you have. I have a fondness for old teen mags, even though the articles are such fluff. But I guess that's part of the fun of it.

Jimmy said...

Chris, you finally stumped me. I've never heard of this guy. It's a guy, right, ha.

Michelle said...

Dude, it's SUPERFAB! What's not to love?