Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh Dracula, Your Fangs Are Delicious

My favorite illustrations from my Scholastic book fair horror books are the ones in Dracula. The purple colored drawings by Harry Borgman are amazing. Here are my favorites.

I thought they were incredible when I was a kid, and I still love them now. I've got nothing else to say. You just can't top them.


Übermilf said...

And they just used 2 colors!

Also, tell Slappy I miss him. I stayed up until 4 a.m. on Halloween, waiting for him, but he never showed up. I made a feast for him, and everything.

Monkey said...

I just threw up when I looked at Übie's cooking.

These pictures titillate me in an inappropriate way. I'm slightly ashamed.

Chris Jart said...

Who knew that two colors could be so incredibly fascinating?

Holy cow, that feast was certainly Slappy-fied! More fine dining from the lady with cupcakes on her jumper.

I can't believe Monkey would throw up over the cooking. Don't monkeys have a penchant for eating odd things?

Monkey said...

Not arms and legs! Good God. I have my limits.

Chris Jart said...

Thank god! Now I don't have to worry about being dismembered by a monkey.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Chris, I just saw your blog and was surprised to see my art in it. These Dracula drawings were done over 30 years ago. I have recently incorporated some of this art into a new series I'm working on, comic book cover parodies. If you like, send me your e mail addres or home addres and I'll send you some of the prints. My email is on my website, I tried earlier to send this, but I think I was on the wrong page. Thanks for your nice comments on my drawings. Harry Borgman