Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Star Trek Day

This is only one of the reasons that my brother and sister-in-law are fantastic. They gave me this cool record for my birthday. I never would have picked it up when it came out as I was too much of a snooty teenager to buy Peter Pan records. Heck, now I'd pick up any Peter Pan tv/movie oriented record I saw.
Here's the back of the sleeve which I must confess, is disappointing. I think it's the incredibly bland color of their outfits and the horribly stiff posing, which make them seem like something out of a wax museum. While the shirts of the 60s were bright colors, now the cast is clad in the soothing non-color of insane asylum walls.

Oh boy, the voices on the record are a treat. The planet's ambassadors inflections reminded me of Roddy McDowell in Planet of the Apes. Scotty had a brogue that only seemed to appear when he rolled his R's. Sulu sounded Asian. Checkov appeared to had marbles in his mouth, Spock's voice was completely generic, and Bones sounded like he was in a Southern Rock band.

And what of Captain Kirk, you ask? Let me put it this way. When I first put the needle on the record, I thought my turntable was messed up because Kirk sounded like an elf. After adjusting it's speed and hearing the other characters talk, I came to the conclusion that whoever is playing Kirk has a higher pitched voice than Shatner. This Peter Pan Kirk sounds a little like Casey Kasem...if he were an elf. (Insert your own joke here).

Oh, I also got this for my birthday - a salesmens promo photo on thick cardboard of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Try opening up a birthday present and not bursting into laugher when you see this staring back at you.


Jimmy said...

When I started reading this and saw the photos, I thought maybe the record had Kirk and company singing "Happy Trails."

Riley said...

I had the Star Trek (the movie) Veiw Master reels. They stunk. They were flat images that had been just layered off skew. I guess they would'nt let anybody on the set while filming, so they could take good depth shots.

Chris Jart said...

How I wish Kirk sang Happy Trails. That would have been brilliantly awful! "Happy..... Trails-to-you."

I can't believe they wouldn't let anyone take photos on the set. I'm sure they didn't want any photos to get out before the movie, but it's still lame. Even when View Master reels stink, they're still kind of cool.