Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dig This, Osmond Lover!

I have so many questions...

  1. What was Donny thinking?
  2. Was he trying out for the remake of Willie Wonka twenty nine years early?
  3. Did he have any clue that singing a disco song about a boy from Utah who stays out late to listen to an old man auctioneer would be something that would alienate almost any listener? Who in his target audience can identify with that?
  4. Why does the song "Disco Train" sound like the 60s song Alley Oop, and not even remotely like disco?

Even harder for fans to identify with was Donny's follow up album, "Radioactive Plutonium Train" in which a hairless Donny tries to remain standing without his brittle bones breaking in half.

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Bubblegumfink said...

I absolutely love Donny but have always been deeply troubled by this image.