Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Great Brain Could Kick Harry Potters Ass

If I wasn't out jumping my yellow banana seat Schwinn over a homemade ramp or running around the neighborhood, I could probably be found reading. I liked these books enough to still own them.

The Outsiders, which is S.E. Hinton's most famous book, was required reading in junior high. I really enjoyed it which led me to pick up this book, which was in a similar vein. After the success of the movie version of the Outsiders, this book was made into a lousy movie starring Emilio Estevez. But at least it didn't star Leif Garrett.

While I'm not sure of the historical accuracy of any details in this book, for a kid it was a thrilling read. A teenager whose parents have died tries to enlist during the Revolutionary War. He ends up helping the colonial soldiers by carrying messages between the different units, because it is reasoned the British will think he is a local boy, and let him pass through their checkpoints. There are exciting times as he is caught by the British, and also uncovers a spy within the colonials ranks.

Books about ghosts are always worth a look. This one is about a kid who was killed decades earlier who enlists the help of the boy who just moved into the house in an attempt to let people know what really happened to him.

What can I say about the Great Brain, except that I love the whole series of books. They are told from the point of J.D, who chronicles the adventures of his older brother Tom, aka the Great Brain. Tom is very intelligent and is always one step ahead of the other kids in town, constantly swindling them out of money and getting other kids to do his chores. He even manages to outsmart many adults in town. The stories are an easy read and very amusing. Sometimes I still pull the books out to read.


Phillip said...

I loved the Great Brain books! He could totally think circles around Harry Potter! (And give him a black eye, too!)

Chris Jart said...

The Great Brain would outsmart Harry Potter in an instant, and have him doing all his chores while paying for the privilege!

Revolverkiller said...

DUUUUUDE!!! ive been wracking my brain for YEARS trying to figure out the name of that book (s)!! I remembered Basil (greek kid) and a few others but now i can go and get them and read them again, thanks