Thursday, April 20, 2006

Superman vs. Juvenile Delinquents....From Space!

I used to love Superman comics. Come to think of it, actually I loved Superboy comics and only liked Superman. But no matter, for today we have Superman matched up against two lovable little rogues from outer space. They don't mean any harm. They're just good natured spaceboys who cause havoc and destruction everywhere they go.

You can say what you want about Zigi and Zagi, but the spacekids throw themselves into everything full force. What earthling child wouldn't turn himself into a skeleton if he had the power to do so and continue living? It would provide laughs, scares, and hijinks would ensue.

But I'm not sure about this sort of parenting. Putting kids in a cage with a cyclops-caveman-octopus creature so that it can tickle them until they almost die seems a bit harsh, especially since the poor spacelads were trying to learn at Earth school rather than play hookey. I would think a living skeleton would be a positive boon for a science teacher, especially if it was a space skeleton!

I must confess to being worried about Superman's sentiments at the boys near death experience in the creepy tickling monster's cage. The Man of Steel goes on the record as saying they deserve it. He sounds like one of those people that hit you and then tell you it's your fault. What next, Superman? Oops, the space scamps drank gasoline and accidentally immolated themselves. Well, I guess they deserved it since they shouldn't have been drinking gas out of the hose.


MrBaliHai said...

Well, Supes is kind of a dick, y'know.

Chris Jart said...

Oh my god!! Thank you for pointing me to that site. It was fantastic!!

I always thought Superman was a bit harsh, but after looking at all the evidence, it seems clear that Superman actually is full of hate! What a dick!