Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Fun with Dr. Spektor and Little Lulu

I'm not sure why I have Little Lulu comics because I don't care for her. No siree, I don't care for her at all. I do remember reading this Golden Comics Digest repeatedly though. It's an all Halloween issue, so that somehow made it more interesting.

I didn't find Little Lulu or Tubby to be funny. This is a sample of the typical Halloween shenanigans Tubby and Little Lulu experience throughout the digest. What I enjoy about Tubby's costume is that the plastic mask is able to change expression depending on his mood. Quite rare for masks of that era.
Unfortunately Tubby is upset that Little Lulu was not fooled by his costume. Might I suggest he pay more attention to his costume? I suspect he is the only ghost running around wearing a sailor hat .

But here is where the Halloween Fun issue gets good. Someone wisely included some fantastic Halloween action for the kids. This is a neat-o idea, as long as the kids don't accidentally get lemon juice in their eyes. It stings like hell, but it's worth the risk. What kid wouldn't love the idea of writing secret notes?

For those who like haunted houses and mazes, here we see Little Lulu and Tubby do their best Scooby and Shaggy imitation. The only difference is that these ghosts look real, not like something done by a rancher with a movie projector. Run Tubby Run!
Hey, it's Dr. Spektor and his special on Spirit Photography! Now we're talking!! And we know this is seriously spooky stuff because not only is the Doctor dressed in olde tyme clothes, but in the first panel he states that he has devoted his entire life to the study of the occult. Awesome!

Note that the upper right drawing states, "Many spirit photographs this shot..." I like how they want kids to look at it as if it's real, not just a drawing done by someone who may or may not have seen a copy of the actual photo.
I would have enjoyed a whole comic digest full of this stuff. Dr. Spektor rules!!

The mystery of Patience Worth would have been more appealing if it had been done in comic panels, like the feature on spirit photographs. The story is one of ouija boards, reincarnation, disembodied spirits, and mediums.

While I may not be thrilled by Tubby and his pliable ghost face, the rest of the digest was definitely cool.

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Dan said...

I had this book too. What a trip down memory lane.