Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hey Kids, Give Us Your Allowance for Monster Products

These masks don't look like the goriest masks I've ever seen, but they are only $2.98 each. Unfortunately in 1973 my allowance was about 25 cents, and I spent it immediately. So goodbye any chance of owning a monster mask. The one thing I'm curious about is what type of mask you got if you ordered the one called "The Goon."

Monster Studios is a fantastic name for a business. You just feel like they're so dedicated to the monster concept that they must have tons of cool monster items. I find their monster picture more disturbing than the monster masks shown above. But I am enthralled by the notion of the monster himself sending me my free monster gift. Then again, I'm a little nervous that the monster would then have my address and could show up in the middle of the night by the side of my bed.

Vampire blood....what kid didn't want their own tube of vampire blood? Well I'm guessing the only one would be that kid who always threatened to take his ball home if you didn't let him be the pitcher. Yes, every child wants a tube of succulent bloody goodness to play tricks on their parents and friends, as well as doctor up fake wounds or bloody bandages. Yet wouldn't the ad be more effective to show blood dripping vampire fangs rather than the mystery scribble with the red dot?


Booksteve said...

I had a tube of this for years that I would use every once in awhile! In fact, knowing me, I STILL have it! Don't know how good it would be since I got it around 1971 but that stuff just never seemed to go bad! Bloody good, indeed!

Monkey said...

The boy wanted to buy a 24 oz bottle of blood from the Halloween store. And it was NOT washable.

We said no.

Jason said...

I had the "goon" mask! It was also marketed as "goof", and as a kid I thought it kinda resembled Mortimer Snerd -- I bought mine at Disney World in 1978 & it actually only disintegrated about 2 years ago.

In fact here's a detail from a Marvel Comics house ad that shows the fellow off fairly well (and here's the whole ad).

And while I'm at it, here are a few pages from an old Topstone Mask catalog (snagged from Monster Mayhem) that also give you a good view: #1, #2

There's actually another "Goon" possibility I can call to mind, but these were marketed all over the place under a variety of names in this price range (& in the case of the Marvel ad, the rest of the lineup seems to jive).

Happy Halloween!

Chris Jart said...

I had a tube of the vampire blood too. I used it, though for the life of me, I can't remember what I did with it.

The boy and 24 ounces of non-washable blood are a very, very bad idea indeed!

Thank you Jason, for the interesting info. I can't believe the goon/goof is so - for lack of a better word - goofy. This is not what I expected, as the word goon implies something completely different to me. I would have been very disappointed to think I was getting a scary mask and end up with the Mortimer Snerd type mask.