Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's.... The Scarecrow!!

Another unfortunate gap in my posting. But how could I resist October, the month of ghost, creepy things, and candy? When I was a kid, I though the Wonderful World of Disney's The Scarecrow movie was spooky. The Vicar was nice, but those dark nights when the scarecrow and his henchmen rode around the countryside made me shiver. Could you make a kids movie these days based on a group of guys in olden times riding on missions through the dark night, shooting and fighting and wearing creepy masks?...and these are the good guys.

Even though some of it scared me, I did like the fact that the Scarecrow was out for justice. As this photo says about the man of two faces, "The Vicar... kind and benevolent, loved by all. The Scarecrow...a demon ghost, feared by oppressors."

There was even a Scarecrow comic based on the movie. These are all scanned from Scarecrow, no.3 from 1965. I think I saw this in the early 70s, at which time I thought it was a new movie. I do find it odd that the back cover of the comic is this illustration which is labeled as a pinup. The pinup is interesting, but it seems an odd thing for any kid to put on their wall.

While the scarecrow looked kind of scary, he was nothing compared to his henchmen. Holy moley! What the hell?! No wonder I was freaked out by this movie. The Scarecrow's henchmen are horrifying! Look at those masks. Kids must have been hiding under their covers for weeks after seeing this movie.

Good god! Hellspite looks more like a corpse than a scarecrow, and Curlew.... Damn it, Curlew has the head of a bird. How disgusting is that? Does he strap a real bird face around his skull? Is it an owl? What is it? It's uber-creepy. Oh I am going to have nightmares again after this.


MrBaliHai said...

Wasn't the Scarecrow played by Patrick McGoohan?

Be seeing you.

Monkey said...

Good Lord! The "pin up" looks like a macabre cover of a Romance Novel.

Übermilf said...

Scare CROW ... Scare CROOOOW
The soldiers of the king fear his name

scare CROW
(part I don't remember)

With a foolish grin!

That's all I remember of the theme song.

Übermilf said...

Um, I guess it was "fiendish yell" not foolish grin.



Chris Jart said...

Yes, I believe the Scarecrow was played by Patrick McGoohan. The picture certainly looks like him, even with half his face covered by the scarecrow mask.

Wow, I never even thought about the pinup resembling a romance novel (perhaps because I never read them). But you're right! I especially like the link to "Seduced by a Rogue". The title was so ridiculous it made me laugh out loud.

And I can't believe Ubermilf knows any of the words to the scarecrow theme. A fiendish yell would be much more threatening than a foolish grin, especially when fighting the soldiers of the king!

angela said...