Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dr. Jeckyll, I Presume?

I thought I'd post a few illustrations from the cool books I picked up in the early 1970s at a Scholastic book fair at my elementary school. Previously I posted the cover for Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. While the cover is amazing, the inside of this book is disappointing. Part of it is due to the drab brownish yellow color used in the drawings, but it is also because the illustrations in Dracula and The Ghost Ship are so fantastic, that these just don't compare.

These are the only two illustrations that I really liked in the whole book. The others just didn't do anything for me.

However, I was fascinated with Dr. Jeckyll's transformation into Mr. Hyde.
He goes from Christian Bale....

to Mr. Chugalug, Dean Martin....

to Rod Steiger.

I'll post some illustrations from the other two books, but these needed to go up first. If you see them after the other two, they're truly disappointing.


Monkey said...

I would be terrified if I turned from Christian Bale to Rod Steiger.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Scholastic Book Fairs were quite different in the 70s. I can just see a teacher putting these books on her classroom wishlist. Er.

Chris Jart said...

Who wouldn't be terrified? Not only is Rod Stieger very old, I believe he's dead.

And yes, Scholastic book fairs were very different. These days they'd never let these be at a book fair as they might cause the children to have psychological episodes that manifest themselves in games of dodgeball in which the popular kids slam the less popular kids. Oh cover the kids eyes! Don't ever let them see the monsters or scary things.

Funny how nowadays everyone wants to keep kids in a little bubble to protect them from these make believe legends, and yet no one is worried about them watching the freakin' news in which the brutality and evil shown is actually real!