Saturday, October 21, 2006

They're Coming to Get You, Barbara

The living dead walk the earth...and we are there. This movie, while tame by todays standards, is still terrifying in it's premise.

Perhaps I have always had an overactive imagination, but if I were in a cemetery and a strange looking man was staggering in my general direction, I would make damn sure that I didn't come within 50 feet of him. After all, cemeteries are creepy and deserted. If the guy isn't a masher, he could be a corpse.

I found myself wanting to smack this woman in the head with a log to snap her out of her stupor. Then once she started babbling on and on about Johnny, I wanted to smack her in the head to shut her up.


Monkey said...

Is it just me, or are there a lot of scantily clad women on that poster?

Those were the days in movie making. Is Mr. Romero holding his own camera??

Jon said...

you can actually download/stream the whole movie from the internet archive. I can't remember the link off the top of my head, but I put it into a recent post on my blog.

Riley said...

The first zombie walking toward them, is a guy by the name of Bill Hinzman. I met him a while back..sweetest guy in the world... I got an autograph and it read:
"I'm coming to get you next, Joe"

Awesome...he's the very first modern day zombie to appear on film.

Chris Jart said...

Yes! Bill Hinzman! He's creepy, weird, and harmless looking all at the same time. If you're going down in film history, you may as well do it for something like this.

Yes, that is Romero holding his own camera. This was before he had money. Also most of the women do look a bit light on the clothing side. I do remember one of the stumbling zombies being a naked chick.