Thursday, November 03, 2005

Congratulations, You're in Hell

In 1971 I went to summer camp at Camp Ketcha, which was a girl scouts camp. Being a shy child, there were a few girls that I struck up friendships with, but other than that I stayed out of the spotlight and kept to myself. In fact I was so quiet, that at the end of the summer, I won the Quietest Camper Award. I was completely mortified.

If there's one thing that's hell for a shy kid, it's having to stand up in front of all the campers, walk to the front of the building, and pick up your Quietest Camper Award. They were all watching me - with their beady little eyes! Their beady little eyes!!!!!!


Monkey said...

I wish you wouldn't write in a way that makes me snort with laughter at your mortification. It's unseemly. Unseemly I tell you!!

Ɯbermilf said...

That is pretty bad.


When I went to girl scout camp I hated the latrine so much I refused to use it.

After three days of refusing to evacuate my bowels, I got very sick and sent home.

I was happy because "The Hobbit" was on that night, but I missed it by getting home too late.

Chris Jart said...

I am amazed that you could contain your bowels for so long. This camp was only a day camp, so I didn't have to worry about the latrine. I think maybe they had some overnight campers because I remember there were tents on wooden platforms there.

I also remember we made Witches Brew every summer. Every camper brought in one can of soup to combine in this huge cauldron. The only stipulation was that it couldn't be tomato. Inevitably, there was always at least one idiot who showed up with a can of tomato soup.