Monday, November 28, 2005

Huh Huh, He's Funny

In late 1979, Steve Martin was the man for comedy. King Tut was on the radio constantly, all the kids had his album, and he'd hosted Saturday Night Live. My Dad picked up tickets for my brother and I, and two of our friends. We had seats down on the floor, 10 rows back in the second section. We were all really excited about seeing our favorite comedian and he didn't disappoint us. We all loved the show and talked about it for weeks.
I took my little 110 camera to take pictures. His suit is pink, but it's hard to tell in the bright stage light. He's also got an arrow through his head and a banjo. Here's what I learned from this show. If you use a flash when you aren't anywhere near the stage, all you do is light up the back of the peoples heads in front of you.

The other thing I learned is that our friend Mike could not clap on the beat. If you've ever been stuck sitting with a person who can't clap on the beat, you know how annoying that is. It's also kind of embarrassing because it's so noticable. Good god man, you're the only one clapping on the off beat! What is wrong with you?!


Ɯbermilf said...

We sang "King Tut" in grade school. We had a cool music teacher.

I still remember some of it.

"He could've won a grammy... buried in his jammies."

"Got a condo made of stone-a."

Riley said...

I knew his first album "Let's Get Small" by heart and probably STILL could recite entire sections.
"Mind if I smoke?"
"No...mind if I fart?'s one of my habits."

Monkey said...

Mike gets shat upon a lot in this blog. This appears to be a theme. Not that I don't enjoy it. I do. Immensely.

We loved Steve Martin. I loved the cat going to the bank riff. Don't know why. I did.

Chris Jart said...

I liked the comedy more than King Tut. My Dad actually had Let's Get Small, so I was familiar with him before King Tut.

As for Mike, he was a sweet kid, but a bit of a doofus. I had a crush on him for years. I even dated him for a few weeks - unfortunately it happened a year or so after my crush wore off. I ended up unintentionally breaking his heart since I just wasn't interested at that point.

And damn it, he really did clap on the off beat. Do you know how hard that is to do?! Try it. You'll find yourself slipping back into clapping on beat.

Jimmy said...

Steve Martin was my idol back in the day. I got lots of milage doing his bit where he would pretend his hand was a shark singing "Mack the Knife." You should've seen my bro and I doing "happy feet."
He was my favorite honky.

Jimmy said...

People who can't clap on the beat are amusing, but getting stuck next to someone who sings like a wounded donkey at a concert is the worst.

Calzone said...

He literally was the only one out of 7000 people clapping off beat. We were amazed

Chris Jart said...

Yeah, amazed and utterly horrified. I remember us looking at each other with that "oh my god, he cant really be doing that" look on our faces.

When the kid you're with is the only one clapping on the offbeat, it stands out like someone whistling in church.

Anonymous said...

I loved Steve Martin! And still do. It just appeared to come so damn natural to him.

The clapping off beat? Uh yes, I've been witness to it. lol Not a pretty sight. Especially if you're WITH the offending party! Everyone's not only looking at the person like "who is this clown", but also, "who are the clowns with him"?!