Monday, November 21, 2005

Keith Who?

When I was a kid, I had a crush on Danny Partridge. I didn't care about teen idol Keith Partridge with his stupid shag hairdo, sensitive puppy dog eyes, or his groovy clothes. Nope, the one who I wanted to marry was that little conman, Danny. So I felt very fortunate to have gotten so many pictures of Danny in one pack of bubblegum cards.

As to the eternal Danny or Keith question? Well lets just consider where they are now. Hmmmm, bitter arrogant pseudo-rockstar or wacky out of control addict in perpetual emotional turmoil?....Umm, I change my favorite to Chris (either of them).


Jimmy said...

I remember a surreal moment watching Danny kick Greg Brady's ass on one of those celebrity boxing shows. I don't know which was worse: them for doing it or me for watching it.

Chris Jart said...

Ohhh, that was painful. I think the worst part was that Greg was laughing and being all goofy about it, while Danny was ready to release his pent up agression and destroy anyone in his path. It was brutal.

Jimmy said...

You're right. It was brutal. Greg had no idea what he was in for. Not sure if Danny actually knocked him out, but he definitely put Greg on his ass more than once.

McSassy said...

What's even worse is the match between Screech and Horshack from welcome back Kotter. Disturbing. Very Disturbing.

I have a humongous crush on Danny now. He's one badassmutha... HEY SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I'm just talking about Danny!