Monday, September 26, 2005

I'll trade you a peanut butter cracker for two Wacky Packages

I used to love Wacky Packages. They were stickers sold in packs with bubblegum. The stickers parodied real products and were really popular in the early 1970s. I tried to collect every single one. Then I stuck them on my bike or in other stupid places. I think at one point I was sticking them all on the back of my bedroom door. Here's the only one I have left.


Monkey said...

They have these again! The boy and I were watching the Cartoon Network the other day and they advertised them. Now they are magnets.

The boy said, "why are they funny?"

I was unable to elucidate.

Michelle said...

[has heart attack]

If you find me trying to sneak into your house via the back porch window, I swear it's only to steal this. I won't even draw a moustache on your face.

Jack said...

I have an uncut sheet of them! They hang in my bedroom and I wake up each morning and see them. Now that's stuck in the 70's.