Monday, September 05, 2005

Live! Action! Kids!

Saturday morning - the best day of the week. No school, no church, and tv shows just for kids! My parents would only let me watch one show on Saturday morning. But if they were out, I'd turn the tv on and bask in the glory that is the live action kids show. I liked those better than the cartoons. Most of the shows were only on for a short time.

Monster Squad was about wax museum monsters who come to life at night and are controlled by a teenage boy. The teenage boy was played be Fred Grandy, who shortly afterwards shot to fame as Gopher on the Love Boat. Fred must have been in his mid twenties so it's odd that he's playing a teenage boy.

Also of note is Big John Little John, which was about a 45 year old teacher who drank some water from the fountain of youth and would change into a 12 year old boy... and back again. He couldn't control when he changed, so of course hijinx would ensue over and over again. The boy was played by Robbie Rist, best known for playing Cousin Oliver on the last few episodes of the Brady Bunch.


Johnny Damned said...

didn't Big John, little John have a irritatingly catchy theme song?? Or has my memory deserted me.

Chris Jart said...

Yes, it certainly did. The only part I can remember is:

Big John, Little John
What a way to grow
Big John, Little John
Grows from head to toe

I don't vouch for the accuracy of these lyrics, but if you go here:
You can find a page about the show which has alink to the theme song, which is in real video. It's VIDEO, people! You've got to see it. And it also let's me know I'm wrong about the last line, but I'm leaving it up anyway.

hodag said...

Big John has a problem, as you can plainly see.
One minute he's forty, the next he's thirty-three!
Big John keep's a changing, right before your eyes.
He's twenty-five, and then nineteen, then twelve years old in size.
Big John, Little John...

lee53050 said...

Hey, why aren't "The Kids from C.A.P.E.R." shown in the ad? There appears to be enough room left.They came on after BJ LJ.  I wonder if the local staion bothered showing the program?