Sunday, September 11, 2005

An New World of Personal Electronics, Indeed

This was part of the first stereo system I ever owned. I remember pondering the option of 8-Track or cassette...and picking 8 Track. The record player that came with the system was really touchy and often albums skipped when I tried to play them. That was such a drag.

The coolest thing about the 8 Track player was that it recorded! You could record songs off the radio. Plus just plug in a microphone and record your friends goofing around, or yourself singing. I still have the 8 Track I recorded on, but haven't dared to listen to it since the 70s. It would probably not only be funny, but super embarrassing to hear.


Monkey said...

You chose the 8 track option. Classic, just classic.

I must go look for a photo of the cherished turntable my brother and I had. It went through thick and thin. No 8 track or cassette option though.

Monkey's Human

Monkey said...

Well, I remember we definitely had this one, but there was another one that was much funnier. Now you've got me on a quest to find a photo of it. And I feel bad once again that I didn't save it. Dang it.

Michelle said...

[hypnotizing voice on]
You must play the 8-track to me...
[hypnotizing voice off]

Just think! It'll be even more hilarious than Bad Movie & Pizza Night!!!

Jimmy said...

I had the portable record player and a stereo similar to the one pictured. We had to tape a nickel to the needle arm to keep it from skipping. Listening to 8-tracks was always fun because there was no fast forward or rewind and it would fade out in the middle of a song and ka-chung to the next program.
Boy, 500-song iPods weren't even a wet dream back then.

Chris Jart said...

Monkey, I love the little kid record player you had! I don't remember every having one of those small record players. I think I just used my parents record player, which had legs and was a piece of furniture!

Michelle, as for playing you the 8 track, I'll have to see what's on it. It might just be too embarrassing, like if I'm singing along to records or playing some sad ballad on my guitar.

Jimmy, I forgot about taping nickels to the arm! I never did that with my record player, but other people i knew did it. I even had one friend who when she wanted to change songs would flick the record with her finger, which pushed it across the vinyl - not only making a horrible sound but scratching the hell out of her records in the process. It was all I could do not to throttle her.

Daisy said...

Oddly enough, when I got my Archie McPhee order last week, I got a brand new, shrink-wrapped 8-track tape as part of the mystery package.

Will wonders never cease? I feel so connected to you guys! (I'm working on my stalking technique. Please tell me if you feel threatened. I want to make sure I'm not rushing it -- this time.)

Keeper Of Records said...

How weird is that? I just got a stereo like that on Monday night from a friend who's moving (yep, it's an 8-track recorder). 'Course the ultimate was the Soundesign I had with the godawful BSR turntable, a cassette AND an 8-track player!

The Keeper Of Records, who's now the proud owner of 3 8-track decks (and at least as many turntables)

Jimmy said...

Ah, yes, the good ol' Soundesign gear.