Monday, September 19, 2005

Those Wacky Roommates - what will they do next?

My mom wouldn't let me watch this show because she said it was an insult to my intelligence. Try explaining that to the kids at school when they're all talking about last nights episode. It was all the same premise anyway - there is a misunderstanding, usually about sex, but it's all straightened out by the end of the show.


MrBaliHai said...

Your mom was right, but then again, pretty much everything on teevee back then was an insult to our intelligence.

Daisy said...

We weren't allowed to watch that show either -- something about it being "disgusting." Go figure.

I probably wouldn't let my kids watch it now (if I had any) because I have no idea how to justify why Chrissy got so much attention and Janet was left by the wayside. (Looks don't matter?) Poor Janet. :-(

Chris Jart said...

Yeah, I couldn't watch Gilligan's Island either because my mom said it was just too stupid. But when all your friends are watching it, you feel left out.

We actually used to play Gilligans Island when I was a kid and I used be always be the Professor - which was different since I'm a girl. But he was the smartest guy on the island. I wouldn't advise letting your children play Three's Company though.

I could never understand why Janet got so little attention either. It's not like she was a hideous troll. But they've always got to have the smart girl and the dumb glamorous girl. It's the Maryanne and Ginger syndrome. I always liked Maryanne better. Ginger would steal your boyfriend, and then dump him. Maryanne would be your friend and bake you a pie.

Johnny Damned said...

Who was I when we played Gilliagans Island"" I htought I was the professor,, and don't tell me I was Ginger

Monkey said...

Dear Johnny Damned,

The idea of you in that gold lamé gown makes me weak in the knees. You know it.

Michelle said...

That's the weirdest most common-sense thing I've ever heard a parent say about a tv show.

Mine would only let me watch public television for years. Then something must have happened because I definitely watched a LOT of Three's Company episodes and no one stopped me.

I wonder if my parents just stopped caring, or were taken over by alien clones???

Michelle said...

P.S. Thank gods. Because without that shift in tv censorship, I never would have been exposed to Don Knotts.