Sunday, September 11, 2005

This weeks guests - Charo, McLean Stevenson, Eva Gabor, Bill Bixby, Larry Storch, and Shecky Green

I loved the Love Boat. Every Saturday my brother and I watched it. You had to catch the opening credits to see who the guest stars would be that week. I can't stand to watch it now - it's so stupid - but back in the 70s, I couldn't get enough of it.

In this Halloween episode, hijinx ensued as Captain Stubing accidentally cut someone's throat with his hook while reaching for the rolls at dinner. Gopher thought it was fake blood and went into his vampire act. While Isaac - Your Bartender - freaked out about the torches in the Tiki Lounge, and Julie curled up to old actor guest star, Ray Bolger, in her cat suit. Truly one of the more disgusting Love Boat episodes.


Monkey said...

Julie curled up to old actor guest star, Ray Bolger, in her cat suit

ewww... she never had any taste.


Jimmy said...

I know I watched this show all the time, and for the life of me the only episode I can remember is the one with Gene Hackman where a tidal wave turned the ship upside down and they had to . . . wait a minute.

Chris Jart said...

Ha! You had me for a minute there. I'm sure there were ads that said "This week on a very special episode of Love Boat...."

And Monkey, you're right. Julie had no taste whatsoever. Never did like that Julie, with her "You're on the Lido deck, room 24" and all that blather. Let the passengers roam free, I say - let them roam free!!

Monkey said...

There's a rallying cry! Free the Passengers! Down with Tyrant Julie!

Jimmy said...

"Overboard with her scurvy arse, arrrgh!"

Michelle said...

As most disgusting, I feel it must be watched.

[sings to the tune of the Deep Purple hit]
"Blooooooood on the water...
vampire in the pie..."


Gimme those Halloween specials!!! Someone ought to make a compilation.