Saturday, August 27, 2005

Another Fine Product

These used to be displayed next to the bubblegum cards. There were a total of 55 cards to collect. I think I only bought one or two packs, but I remember being fascinated with them, folding them over and over. Give me a break. I was ten years old.

There were two sides. You fold them to make wacky new ads, newspaper headlines or faces, depending on the card.

Here's just one of the nine wacky pictures you could make.

They must not have been very successful because I never did try to collect all 55, and I didn't see them for sale any other year.


Michelle said...

Whoa. I really would like to have such a marvel of pop culture. I never saw them. But any series that lets you grind up movie stars must be advanced.

Chris Jart said...

Grinding up movie stars is the best. The only thing better is...nope, there is nothing better.

johnny_damned said...

well grinding up ex movie stars that no one looks for is pretty couth.