Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Ghosts and the Teen Idols

What's cooler than the Partridge Family? The Partridge Family in a Haunted Hall, that's what! I can just picture those groovy Partridges running around like they were in a Scooby Doo episode, except Mrs. Partridge would never put up with that ghost nonsense.


Spinning Girl said...

Hey all you spammers, here's a Special Treat for you, too!

I use to love David Cassidy so much. Could anyone be cuter than he was (not to me, in grade 3)?!?

I am loving your blog.

Join the word-verification revolution!

Chris Jart said...

Deleting this spam is killing me! Except I do like that there is spam for discount cat furniture, and I like the one that retardedly said "enjoy dog figurine" ... um how do you mean that?

Spinning Girl, you've got the right idea. Word verification here I come! I actually liked Danny Bonoduce rather than David.

Oh and thanks for the udder shot - I was thinking it would be David Cassidy...maybe it was?

Monkey's Pathetic Human said...

I liked the Danny too. This is all starting to make sense to me.

The udder shot made me crave a glass of milk.

P.S. Monkey finally has a restaurant review for you... we went to the YODELING CLAM. *ahem*

The Cranky Cataloger said...

I can't believe I actually owned this book. I think it was a selection from the Scholastic Book Club. I may still have it. Oh God, I'm sooo old.