Wednesday, August 10, 2005


One of my favorite tv shows of all time is The Night Stalker. Carl Kolchak, played brilliantly by Darren McGavin, was a reporter who always seemed to wind up investigating crimes that were perpetrated by some supernatural being. His editor and the police never believed him, and thought of him as a troublemaker. Each show had a plot involving vampires, werewolfs, ghosts, or some other strange being. The show also managed to maintain a nice mix of tension and humor.


Jimmy said...

I recently watched the Bionic Man pilot and was surprised to see Darren McGavin as the shadowy government type who provides the six million dollars.
I love this show, too. It would have been quite scary for a kid my age, but Kolchak was always so cool under pressure.
Great actor. Great show.

Johnny Damned said...

Do you remember the one when he was in a closet hiding from a vampire and then straight up freaked? classic.

Kolchak was a sweet fruit indeed.

Marty McKee said...

All 20 episodes are coming to DVD from Universal in October. Yay!

Sharon Cullars said...

Unfortunately, they're making a remake with the guy from "Queen of the Damned." It will also co-star Gabrielle Union. Hoping they won't mess up a good premise (although the X-Files took the same premise and made a cult show with it).

BTW, great blog.

Collin said...

Finally! I've wanted this show to come to DVD for YEARS! I can't wait to get it and introduce my kids to it. Wheeee :)