Monday, August 15, 2005

Monster Robot??? Where do I sign up!

This is incredible! I know when I was a kid I thought they sent you the monster robot for $1.00, but it's actually only the plans to build one. I wonder if you could actually walk around in this thing? More than likely you'd just crash into tables, get shoved around by your older brother, and the robot outfit would fall apart due to faulty building plans.


Jimmy said...

Yes, the plans are $1, but the parts must be purchased from Lockheed Martin.

Chris Jart said...

No kidding. The ad tries to really sell the concept that you can "have loads of fun putting it together from cheap scrap items available anywhere." But I'll bet using cheap scrap to build the robot means not only will it look nothing like the drawing, but that you're arms and legs will be busting through it at inopportune times.