Sunday, August 07, 2005

It's true kids, Steve Martin used to be funny

You know what this is, kids? It's an 8 Track of Steve Martin's "Wild and Crazy Guy". Can you say 8 Track?... Back then Steve wasn't a bland, mainstream, big budget movie star. He was a stand up comedian who sold out concerts in Civic Centers and actually made people laugh.


MrBaliHai said...

I had a love-hate relationship with Martin back in the Seventies. I thought some of his stand-up material was brilliant, but a lot of it struck me as just a collection of dumb catchphrases (Well, excuuuuuuse me!) and silly sight gags.

As for his movie career, I thought that Roxanne and L.A. Story were wonderful, and very funny. The rest of his films, not so much, but The Man With Two Brains is a guilty pleasure.

Jimmy said...

I had this album and had the video taped off Showtime. There are so many hilarious moments from this show, although it might seem silly in this current era of comedy.
I love the part when, after putting his banjo down, he notices the shadow of the arrow-thru-the-head toy he's wearing, and walks up to the microphone saying "did I have this on the whole time? I must've looked like an idiot up here!"

Monkey said...

I loved the part about his cat, dressed as him, walking into a bank.

Public Service Announcement for the Greater Good:

The cheesecake person is a spammer. Holy crap.

Marty McKee said...

"I forgot armed robbery was illegal. I forgot."

Works in court every time.

Spinning Girl said...

Oh yeah! Loved it! TUNA FISH SANDWICH!

BD said...

A classic comedy record.

Also, Beastie Boys sampled that record like crazy on their "Cookie Puss" record.

Spinning Girl said...

Except...I have the vinyl version.
That's worth something, right?