Friday, October 14, 2005

Apparently I'm Not The Only One Who Hated Her

Here's another Brady Bunch paperback, but I want you to notice something. There are only five kids shown on the front cover. Who do you think is missing? Who is the odd man out? Who could it be?

Oh we all know who's missing. That's right, it's Jan. Big-wig-wearing, bad-eyesight-bicycle-crashing, pretend-boyfriend-dating, every-club-at-school-joining, ugly-aunt-resembling, lame-practical-joke-playing, silver-braces-wearing, goofy-glasses-hiding, older-sister-envying, sad sad little Jan.


Daisy said...

*raises hand*
I hated Jan. I come from a family with 7 kids. 4 girls and 3 boys. We called my oldest sister Alice to make it all fit better, but who do you supposed "got" to be Jan? Me. That's right. Born in the middle. Had to wear glasses. Had to have braces. And I never heard the end of it. How unfair is that? Stupid Jan.

Monkey said...

I'm feeling Daisy's pain.

What a strange book! Were there titillating tales of teen hijinks? Heavy petting? Underaged drinking?

Phil said...

What a great site! Thanks!

How times have changed about "the missing Brady". These days, it's Mike.

Where'e Mike

Back to Jan, I wonder if anyone has ever counted the screen time that each of them got? I wonder how Jan would do?

Karma dictated that as I am came across your site, I was watching The Brady Bunch. I flipped the channel in the middle of the episode, but all I remember of Jan is a walk on to get her lunch in the kitchen.

The episode is where Greg wants to be on the football team, but hurts himself. He becomes the team's photographer instead when he inadvertently takes a picture of a crucial play.

It is amazing that they have everything in that house. When they need to blow up a picture, whammo, they go to the developing room.

The sub-story is of Alice and a family recipe she is trying to recreate. She keeps writing the recipe on the blackboard in the kitchen, and it keeps getting erased. Besides that she should have written down on paper after the first time, Bobby clearly takes a picture of the blackboard with the recipe on it. I guess that Alice's dilemna was resolved off camera when they developed Bobby's film.

Chris Jart said...

Oh poor sweet innocent little knucklehead Jan. Poor Daisy....poor sweet innocent little Daisy, doomed to play Jan in her families Brady family playhouse. Truly that is enough to scar a girl for life.

I must admit I never actually read the book as it's pretty poorly written. But then again, what should I expect for a paperback that only exists due to a tv show?

I tell you what's not only amazing, but sort of sad, is that in the 1990s, I could identify which episode was on tv literally within five seconds of the opening shot....even if it was only the front of the house. Oiks!

I liked the Greg photography episode because Mrs. Brady seemed uncharicteristically nervous. Usually she was pretty good at taking things in stride. Also I was fascinated by the inside of the darkroom. You can make closeups of any part of a negative?? Cool!