Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You've Got to Be Mickey... We Already Called Davy, Peter, and Mike

My friends and I loved the Monkees. We'd watch their tv show in afternoon reruns, and we'd even play that we were the band. My brother would play Mike which may have been due to the hat. My friend Jennifer would be Davy because she thought he was cute. I would be Peter because I thought he was cute and funny. And we would force Bri's friend Mike to be Mickey. You ever notice in every group of kids there's that always one that gets pushed around? It's some sort of strange natural selection thing, but if the four of us were together, that would be Mike. So Mike never got a choice of who he was going to be. Nope kid, tough luck - you're Mickey again. No matter how the poor guy tried to call someone else, we always mentally beat him into submission and made him Mickey.


Anonymous said...

weird, Micky was always taken first in my circles!

Chris Jart said...

That's so funny! Popularity is a fickle thing, that changes from neighborhood to neighborhood.

If I was going to play Monkees now, the last person I'd pick is Peter. He just didn't wear well on me, and now seems a little too dense.

Disclaimer: please be advised that in no way will I ever play Monkees again as not only would people question my sanity, but as an adult it just doesn't appeal to me.

Anonymous said...

I own this book too! I used to love the Monkees so much.

Monkey said...

I love the Monkees. Brian has told me this story many times, as the only ones I could remember were Davy and Peter. Brian educates me about these gaps in my memory every day.