Monday, October 24, 2005

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Pirates!

Here is my brother, his friend Mike, and me pretending to be pirates. The hats we are wearing are McDonalds pirate hats with a skull and crossbones drawing taped over the McDonalds logo. Seriously, who wants to pretend to be a pirate with a big M on your hat? No one thats who!!

I'm not sure why McDonalds was giving out pirate hats. They used to have a pirate character, maybe that's why. The thing I find the most disturbing is our make up. It's like we were attacked by a blind greasepaint artist. Our scars are drawn with the same black as our beards, thus making us look pretty damn insane...then again, maybe that makes us great pirates.


MrBaliHai said...

I hope you didn't draw on your faces with Sharpies.

Monkey said...

It's a well known fact that Black Beard was insane. Something about ingesting too much lead.

You guys are so cute, it's nauseating. Bri is especially adorable. I may have to pinch his cheeks tonight.

Monkey's human

Calzone said...

yeah that kid in the back is hot.

Chris Jart said...

Yeah but he's hot because he used boiling tar for his pirate makeup, the fool!!