Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sonny Minus Cher Equals Failure

Even as a kid, I knew this show was horrible and could only stand to watch it once. It must have been a complete shock to Sonny that Cher was the star of the act. I don't think it was on the air very long, but it shouldn't have been a shock. Because when people tune in to see a "comedy revue", they expect to see something funny.


Michelle said...

You notice no one wants to comment on Sonny.

Poor guy.

Riley said...

I was totally into Sonny and Cher...never missed it...but I have NO recollection of his solo show. It must've really blown.

Jimmy said...

Yeah, you gotta wonder how Sonny let her get away. Lose Cher, ski into a tree . . . nothing good can come from it.

Monkey said...

OK. I actually loved this show. I was obsessed with Cher's hair and lips. I could watch this without sound and just be mesmorized. I was actually sad when they cancelled it. I never noticed the little guy though.

Chris Jart said...

Hey Monkey,
you're talking about the Sonny and Cher Show, not the Sonny Show. Sonny was on solo after the divorce.

And yeah, it really blew...and I still watched it. It was cancelled very very quickly.