Friday, October 14, 2005

Goodie Goodie Yum Yum

Does anyone remember the Goodies? It was a British comedy that was shown on PBS probably around 1977. Tim, Graham, and Bill were always running around getting into trouble. I don't remember much about the episodes. But here are some foggy memories about a few episodes:
  1. Eckythumpf - the martial art that I think involved hitting someone over the head with a blood sausage
  2. Tie Me Kangeroo Down Sport kept playing repeatedly and I think people were turning into Rolf Harris
  3. Getting stuck in the middle of the ocean taking care of a lighthouse because Bill thought the ad read a little light housekeeping.

I just remember it as a really funny show, and I'd like to see it again. Of course, this photo is from when I wrote to PBS to ask for more info and how I could write to the stars.


Michelle said...

Whoa... man! Sounds crazy. I have no recollection of such a show but I'm sure I would readily watch it!!!

I like the hat. Verrrry stylish!

Daisy said...

OMG OMG OMG! You're the FIRST person I know that actually knows who the Goodies are! We used to watch them on PBS and the only thing I can remember clearly is one episode where all these really fat women were rolling down a hill. Man - I love your site. *sniff*

Booksteve said...

I remember reading in an early Comics Buyers' Guide, (then known as TBG, not CBG)about a man in England who literally died laughing at THE GOODIES. When I finally purchased a few episodes on tape about 10 years ago, I laughed but I was a bit diasppointed. Guess it couldn't live up to that kind of hype.
The lads also put out at least one of those ridiculously busy, Python-like humor hardcovers, also. I saw it in a Kentucky used bookstore once but they wouldn't come down in price. Sigh.

Chris Jart said...

Finally. People who know who The Goodies are! My brother and I watched them regularly on PBS. I'd like to see them now just to find out if I still think they are funny. They used to kill me as a teenager - well not literally like that guy in England.

Geez, that reminds me of the Monty Python sketch where they are translating a joke into German to kill the Nazi's. It's such a funny joke that no one is allowed to translate more than a few words because it will kill anyone who hears it.

Anonymous said...

I remember one excerpt where Bill ( I think) fell down into a well. Graham and Tim were up top and they were yelling back and forth to one another. Given the distance down to Bill, there was a delay in the time between yelling and the receiver hearing the yell. It went something like:

T/G: He must be starving down there. "BILL, ARE YOU HUNGRY!?"

B: "YES, can you throw down some doughnuts?!"

T/G: (Having not heard Bill's response due to the delay) "OR ARE YOU COLD?! WOULD YOU LIKE SOMETHING TO WEAR?!"

T/G then hear the doughnut reply and wonder where he would WEAR doughnuts?

I know, hadda be there, it was funny tho, has some Goodies goodies.

Anonymous said...

I remember the episode where they were living in a lighthouse, and everything was "bloody round!"

abe said...

The theme went something like

"the goodies goody goody gumdrops..."
and it was MUCH better than the young ones.

Anonymous said...

I adore the goodies you can still get the dvds i think

Anonymous said...

I lihe the eckythump all those people hitting each other over the head with black puddings

Anonymous said...

Never saw the show but have been "dying" to. According to The Book of Lists, a man died of laughter while watching the Ecky Thump. See #8 Alex Mitchell at

Anonymous said...

Wow, I remember watching the show. I still can hear their segway between scenes "Goodies...goody goody yum yum"