Monday, October 24, 2005

This Was My Life??

Someone gave me a diary when I was a kid. I hung onto it for a number of years, not knowing what to do with it. Then in 1978 I decided to give it a try. This was unfortunate because that was the year I had a crush on my science teacher and mostly wrote stupid things like, "he looked so cute in that white shirt" or "I made sure I was standing in the hallway when he walked by."

A few years ago, I came across the diary and in a fit of embarrassment, threw it away. It really was a waste of paper. The only pages I kept were from a camping trip that my brother and I took with my grandparents. This is kind of odd as the only memorable parts of this trip were that I was a teenager who was embarrassed to be with my grandparents, and the now legendary Cheetos Incident, which is brought up at least once a year at a family dinner - but never when my grandmother is there.

Oh boy... wasn't that swell, kids? I think you can read the scan okay. The only thing you may question is where it says "I was Moe, Bri was Curly." Yeah, that's right, we were pretending to be the Three Stooges. I remember my brother singing a song about the rock, saying it was Curly's shoe. Or maybe that was another day, and he tripped again but this time on a shoe? I seriously doubt we'd be hanging out in the amphitheater more than one day pretending to be the Three Stooges. I wonder if my brother remembers this?

The strange thing is I avoided reading that diary for years, but now that I've thrown it away, I think it would be hysterical to read about the crush I had on my teacher and the really stupid things I wrote. "Saw him three times in the hall today. He's so cute." Good lord.....


Silent All These Years said...

Its reasons like that that make me save all old diaries and notes ... even if they're written in code and I can't remember how to decipher them!

Monkey said...

I can't believe you had to eat a damn baked potato while Brian got Cheetos! My God, the unfairness is stunning.

I am so amazed you kept this diary. It inspires me to post a page from one of mine. Like the summer I was obsessed with food. Every entry: "so and so ate fried chicken and mashed potatoes and biscuits. I had two peas."

I love that you were infatuated with the Science Teacher. Classic.

Calzone said...

Which science teacher?? Is wasn't that dude with the glasses and slicked hair was it??? Tell me it wasn't...Tell me!!!!

Chris Jart said...

Good god, no!! It was the young good looking science teacher who shall remain nameless due to his falling off the pedestal a couple of years later when he didn't remember my name. Jennifer and I ran into him in the hallway and he recognized our faces, but couldn't figure out our names.

His guess of our names was so far off, Jennifer actually scoffed out loud at him, and I disgustedly said "yeah, right." How I loathed him after that, and kicked myself for wasting my time swooning over someone to whom I was completely unimportant.

Michelle said...

Point One:
I still rue the day I destroyed my prematurely-started Memoir Book (written in [HA!] very adult fashion on jumbo index cards) that I began writing in junior high.

I should go through some of my remaining journals and see if there's anything interesting in there. Bravely. Inspired by you.

Point Two:
I will be forced to kill you if you do not divulge the now-famous Cheetos Story which I have as of yet to hear.