Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bobby Freakin' Sherman

Bobby Sherman always seemed really old to me and I could never figure out why he was all over the teen magazines. He seemed ancient. It was like having someone my dad's age in those mags. But I'll give him credit for having his own comic book. What I really like about this, besides Bobby in cartoon form, is that even though it is issue #1, it proudly proclaims to have all new stories and all new art.


Jimmy said...

Wasn't he on that show about the brothers who owned a mountain? Mark Lenard and David Soul were in it, too.
"Here Come the Brides," I think was the name.

Chris Jart said...

Yeah! He was on Here Come the Brides. I didn't watch it as a kid, but may have seen one episode at some point on Tvland or some such station. He's actually not a bad looking guy, but as a kid I just couldn't comprehend his appeal.