Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Let's Just Call It Bosley's Chicks

Okay, I'm sorry, but this just will not do. You can not call it Charlie's Angels when the only real Angel is Jacklyn Smith and your premiere is aboard the Love Boat. And to make matters even worse, two of your biggest guest stars are Bert Convy and Bo Hopkins. God damn it!! Beads of desperation are forming on Bosley's five o'clock shadowed upper lip because he knows soon he'll be out of a job. This is not a pretty sight.


Night Owl said...

Cheryl Ladd is a real Angel. Hottest of all of 'em IMHO.

At least they didn't try to sneak Charo aboard the special 2hr premier.

And who is Bo Hopkins?

Bubblegumfink said...

I really think that Charlie's Angels on the Love Boat sounds awesome.

Phil said...

I really enjoyed the Love Boat. I must have been thrilled when this episode came on (repeat this and I will deny it).

Bo Hopkins was one of those 70-80's actors that seemed to be everywhere. He always reminded me of Jerry Reed, and interestingly enough, I saw that they played brothers in a movie.

Bo was in American Graffitti, Dynasty, & The Wild Bunch.

He has some pictures of his 2 appearances on The Love Boat (he was in the pilot also).

You would have thought that you could have gotten bigger names for a crossover of two hit shows. Or perhaps they were really big draws back then. Dick Sargent was also in the episode.

In 2003, TVLand voted it the most amazing cast crossover television episode. Weird because the Love Boat cast only appear in cameos.

Chris Jart said...

Bo Hopkins was one of those actors that was around all the time in the 70s, but that I was never sure why I knew him.

Charlies Angels on the Love Boat does sound cool, except that once Shelly Hack joined the cast, it wasn't really the Angels anymore. Cheryl Ladd, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson? Okay, but with two of the original Angels gone, it's just not right! And while Cheryl fit it fine, Shelly just wasn't Angel material.

mmelnick said...

love your site. cant find an email for you so i'm jocking you from your comment box lol <3