Friday, October 14, 2005

Cheap Trick Rocked!

Here's an ad for a concert I saw in 1979. I went with a couple of friends who got stoned, fell asleep, and slept through the band. Then a guy behind them dropped burning embers from a joint on one girls shoulder. It burned a small hole in her shirt before he flicked it off. She barely roused before drifting off again. What my shirt is burning, snoooooore.

I just want to know how can you sleep through a rock band?! Yay I get to see my favorite band. I pass out now. What a couple of idiots!


Jamie said...

The first concert I ever went to was Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden in 1977. I was twelve years old. I went with my older brother and his friend, who bought a cube of hash that turned out to be a block of beef boullion. I fell asleep during the drum solo.

Daisy said...

Robin Zander rocks! They're currently touring with Def Leppard and they're in Michigan next weekend! Dude! I'm exclamatory today!

Johnny Damned said...

Who was it that got stoned and passed out???

MrBaliHai said...

It could've been worse, at least she didn't get drunk and barf on your shoes.

MrBaliHai said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add:

Cheap Tlick!
Cheap Tlick!
Cheap Tlick!

(from Live At Budokan)

Chris Jart said...

Live at Budokan...sigh. I still crank anything from that album (which generally means I Want You To Want Me) when it comes on the radio. Cheap Trick...ROCK!!!!

And as for who the friends were who got stoned and fell asleep - it was Kim and Sherri. Later as we were leaving the ten year olds who were sitting in front of us heckled us with lame insults about falling asleep.

Chris Jart said...

Oh god! Hey Jamie, I forgot to write that I can't believe your older brother bought beef bullion! That's a riot!

Michelle said...

Beef boullion, hash... what's the diff?? Either way you fall asleep, apparently... *grin*

I think boullion is much cheaper and easier to buy, though.